Lubuntu-Windows networking how-to/FAQ?

John Hupp lubuntu at
Thu Sep 27 18:42:35 UTC 2012

HEADLINE: Understanding comes to the newbie!

Thanks, Karl, it's good to know that I don't have a pile of choices to 
sift through.

And now that you mention it, I do find the Samba reference at the new 

Also worth mentioning for people at my stage of experience: For the sake 
of not installing anything more on Lubuntu, if I remove the requirement 
that the share reside on the Lubuntu machine, then PCManFM File Manager 
supports browsing Windows shares via Go: Network Drives, and Bookmarks 
expedite future access.

On 9/19/2012 5:05 PM, Karl Anliot wrote:
> maybe it's not clear from the wiki, but there is exactly one good way
> to share file with win7.
> and read configuring samba servers
/My original question/:

A little digging seems to show that there are various ways of sharing 
files between platforms, using Samba, NFS, SSHFS with Dokan, or GVFS 
(with Samba?)

After thinking about it a little further, let me refine the request: I 
would like to find a method in which the shared directory resides on the 
Lubuntu machine, and the Windows XP/Vista/7 client can access it without 
installing anything extra.

I add this to the equation: The Lubuntu machine is already running NFS 
for the sake of acting as an LTSP server.  So if there is a nice recipe 
for using that, then I can avoid further loading down the Lubuntu 

And also this: The Lubuntu machine is on a private Ethernet network and 
I don't think I need to be too worried about the security of the shared 
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