Galculator for GTK+3!!

PCMan at
Wed Sep 19 07:09:44 UTC 2012

The calculator galculator is used in many LXDE-based distros.
However it still uses libglade and supports old versions of gtk+ 2 only.
I joined the project yesterday and port it to gtk+3.

1. Libglade dependency is completely removed
2. Now it can be compiled against gtk+ 3 with --enable-gtk3 configure option.
3. new locale: zh_TW

The source code is here:
svn co galculator

I tested it for one day and it did not seem to break existing things,
but more testing is wanted.
Please help test the latest source code in svn repo and report bugs.

The original author of galculator did not say when he will make a new release.
I believed that if there are no new bugs, there should be one soon.


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