[Lubuntu] How to edit choices in popup: Removable media is inserted: audio CD

John Hupp lubuntu at prpcompany.com
Thu Sep 13 01:55:53 UTC 2012

This is a tangent to my other recent post "Progress on playing a CD."

Wanting to verify the state of affairs before doing something like 
filing a bug report, I was working with a second Lubuntu 12.04 machine, 
trying to see what happens with Audacious and Gnome Mplayer when a CD is 
inserted and a choice made from the "Removable media is inserted" "Type 
of medium: audio CD" popup.

But I found that my only choices were Xfburn, Audacious, and Open in 
File Manager.  Gnome Mplayer was not offered.

What do I edit to make it offer that in the popup?  (I thought of MIME 
types, but noted that "audio CD" is not found in /etc/mime.types, which 
I understand is part of the challenge, in that it is not a true file 
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