[Lubuntu] Progress on playing a CD?

John Hupp lubuntu at prpcompany.com
Wed Sep 12 18:16:26 UTC 2012

Has there ever been any more progress on making it easy to play an audio 
CD in Lubuntu?

Here is a good explanation of the obscure method one must currently use 
to play a disc (in VLC, but the same for other players as far as I can 

I understand that the difficulty lies in the audio CD format not being 
an actual file system, but in short, one currently has to explicitly 
open the disc in the player even after choosing a player in the 
auto-play popup.  I read that Ubuntu accomplishes Windows-like 
simplicity in this regard, and it would be nice if users didn't need a 
How-To in order to play a CD.

(And before I even got to this point, I had to overcome the obstacle 
that I couldn't even open the drive.  Pressing the open button got no 
response - the drive appeared to be dead.  This turned out to be a user 
privileges issue.  The default user privileges established when one 
installs Lubuntu don't grant permission for this.)
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