Catfish search result: Fatal error, search was aborted

John Hupp lubuntu at
Mon Sep 10 16:43:45 UTC 2012

OK, that was premature.

As long as Catfish finds a result, there is no error.  And if you search 
in the home directory and find no result, Catfish yields the result "No 
files were found."  But if you search (find or locate) outside the home 
directory and Catfish finds no result, it instead reports "Fatal error, 
search was aborted."

That is no longer the case in
On 9/9/2012 9:08 PM, John Hupp wrote:
> After one quick test with Catfish doing a find search, it looks like 
> may solve the problem.  More on this tomorrow.
> So thanks, Karl, for the critical bit of information.
> On 9/8/2012 9:42 PM, Karl Anliot wrote:
>> On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 2:10 PM, John Hupp<lubuntu at>  wrote:
>>> I'm running Catfish 0.3.2-2ubuntu1, which Synaptic also says is the latest
>>> version.
>>> Are you running the same version in 12.10?
>>    Installed:
>> just grab that file and extract it with file-roller
>> should be easy to run and test.
>> exactly what errors can do you get?
>> BTW, i found this awesome bash script, it's like pastebinit, but for images

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