Incomplete shutdown on some LTSP clients (shutdown hangs/freezes)

John Hupp lubuntu at
Wed Sep 5 23:39:58 UTC 2012

On 9/5/2012 6:30 PM, Yorvyk wrote:
> On 05/09/12 22:56, John Hupp wrote:
>> VERY intriguing.
>> Anyone know how to set an equivalent parameter for LTSP clients?
>> [Marco Muller posted to the LTSP a solution that did not work for him.
>> See
>> but he reports that he edited
>>          /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/amd64/pxelinux.cfg/default
>> to add
>>          append ro initrd=initrd.img root=/dev/nbd0 init=/sbin/init-ltsp
>> quiet splash acpi=force plymouth:force-splash vt.handoff=7
>> nbdroot=:ltsp_amd64
>> and nobody posted a reply.]
>> And in connection with that configuration question (OK, I'm really
>> showing my newbie stripes here), how do I verify whether ACPI is 
>> running?
> >
> Look in /var/log/dmesg for 'ACPI: Disabling ACPI support'.  If you see 
> this it is NOT running, otherwise you should see lots of messages like 
> this:
> [    0.071264] ACPI: Added _OSI(Module Device)
> [    0.071268] ACPI: Added _OSI(Processor Device)
> [    0.071271] ACPI: Added _OSI(3.0 _SCP Extensions)
> [    0.071274] ACPI: Added _OSI(Processor Aggregator Device)
> [    0.072303] ACPI: EC: Look up EC in DSDT
> [    0.073469] ACPI: Executed 3 blocks of module-level executable AML 
> code
> [    0.076122] ACPI: Interpreter enabled
> [    0.076145] ACPI: (supports S0 S1 S4 S5)
> [    0.076174] ACPI: Using IOAPIC for interrupt routing
OK, I can see how that would work on a standalone desktop or on an LTSP 
terminal server.

But my main problem here is with the terminal clients.  And if I look at 
dmesg on a client, isn't that just going to tell me if ACPI is running 
on the server?  Or is ACPI running on the server supposed to support 
turning off client machines?  (And if the latter is the case, then 
adding acpi=force in Grub might be all I need?)
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