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紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) rafaellaguna at
Mon Sep 3 18:01:19 UTC 2012

目 Sun, 2 Sep 2012 16:21:37 -0500, Pascual Lucero <pascualucero at> 書いた:

> Hello,
> I would like to use this mailing this to congratulate Rafael Laguna and all
> the Lubuntu Artwork team for the new version 0.32 of Lubuntu Artwork. Now,
> players like GNOME-Mplayer and Audacious work with wonderful button icons
> and now we are starting to feel a consistent look among applications, which
> is nice. I am using Lubuntu 12.04 and I just installed the new version.
> However, I would like to mention some suggestions and a short "wish list"
> for icons, hoping that my comments would be received by the artwork team.
> 1) Application icons in PCManFM: When I open the file manager and see a
> list of files, I still see some problems with the icons for some filetypes
> that I would like to mention.
> - DOC files (.doc, .docx) have an application icon which is almost the same
> for text files. The difference is not very noticeable (both are white), so
> it gets confusing when I open a folder with many files and try to locate
> the ones I am interested in. In Windows (and Previous versions of Lubuntu)
> we had a blue icon, something that was much easier to distinguish. Perhaps
> something more distinctive can be done in this case.
> - Postscript files (PS and EPS) are common enough to deserve their own
> application icon. Currently, there is no one for EPS files and the PS icon
> is almost the same of DOC files. In Windows, there is one associated with
> GSView, with distinctive colors. Perhaps something along the lines of
> Ghostscript can be done for these filetypes.
> - Board Game files (.pgn, .fen, .epd, trn) have no application icon (so in
> Lubuntu they look the same as executables. Perhaps an icon along the lines
> of some board or something like that can be made for these filetypes.
> - LateX files are quite popular in our world, specially among scientist and
> engineers for technical reports. Currently, the application icon is the
> same as plain text files, which is confusing, because in the same folder
> you could have several files associated with LaTeX compilation using the
> same icon: log, aux ... all mixed with .tex, .cls or .bib files.
>  2) Application buttons in the Web Browser. I have opened several programs
> to see the new buttons and everything looks nice (well, I don't like the
> icon of "Save file as" ... it is easisy confused with the one for upload
> files) ... but Firefox is still in awful state. I have Firefox 15 in my
> computer and several things are happening now:
> - Go back and Go forward buttons are still green.
> - The "reload button" looks horrible ... almost like it was made at hand
> and the stop also looks bad ... perhaps the resolution? perhaps that it
> doesn't look like a curve, but like a hexagon?
> - The home button shows a sort of arrow directed upwards, instead of a
> solid home like Google Chrome or Opera. It is much better a "solid home"
> instead of just the boundary.
> That's all. I hope these comments can be taken into account and hopefully
> we can see even more improvement in the artwork department. Again,
> congratulations, because things look much better compared to 0.30 so the
> artwork team deserve all the recognition for this nice work.
> Thanks for your attention,

Thanks for your words, Pascual.

And don't  worry, I need the critics to improve the theme. Just before giving a heavy support to code files (we must consider coders are the dirst ones using any distro, so there're a lot of icon for them) I'm a graphic designer, so the next step in the Box theme is adding all the file formats I'm used to manage diary (including PS, EPS, Latex, etc). PCManFM is, of course, another one I need to add. I have a huge list of to-do and I want to keep it clear.

I tested Firefox 15 and yes, it's not using the standards (for the moment, it happened the same with 12). But I must remember you that the theme continues "evolving". Now teh support for more buttons is nearly complete. Also some changes (like a new "home" resembling a house, not an arrow), or new music controls.

And I'm afraid we're not going to develop the theme for Lubuntu 12.04 anymore, because it's using a modified version of Elementary. The next updates will go to the Quantal repos, so if you want to install that version you can always download the DEB from the wiki.

I hope being clear with all your doubts. If you've got any other questions or suggestions (for more icons, maybe) just drop'em here :)


PS. And thank you again, I'm glad you like the artwork.

紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)
Lubuntu Artwork Team

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