Incomplete shutdown on some LTSP clients (shutdown hangs/freezes)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Mon Sep 3 01:50:45 UTC 2012

On 09/02/2012 01:59 PM, Phill Whiteside wrote:

> I've had what appears to be very similar behaviour reported on a VM, ...

Is this replicable?  That is, can you create a new VM and install
Lubuntu into it, carefully recording what options you choose as you do
so, and get this behaviour, every time you try?

If so, *please* do fully and clearly document the process to reproduce
the issue in a VM, including exact versions of host OS, virtualbox, and
guest OS.  The chances of getting someone to look at this in depth will
improve immensely if the dev concerned does not need to have the exact
right piece of old PC hardware around to test with.

If you do a good enough job that I can duplicate the issue here, I might
even take a quick look myself, although I'm not a kernel or ACPI guru...


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