Suggestion about new panel app

Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset jpxsat at
Sun Sep 2 15:51:09 UTC 2012

Today I made a little search about lightweight distros and apparently many
of them use tint2 as panel.
I remember a while ago when gtk3 arrived, that lxpanel would be a little
complicated to port to gtk3.
So maybe I was thinking that instead of re-create lxpanel maybe we could
use another lightweight existing panel.
I'm using tint2 right now and it's consuming less than 3mb of ram. Sistray
and the clock are there.
Even more, dependencies are just two files taking 324kb on the
installations disc
Additionally, it's very customizable so our design team could play with it
But not everything is perfect: I miss a menu on the left, but maybe our
devs can do something cool about it.
What do you think? IMHO it's look is quite refreshing, it's lightning fast
and resources are 1/5 of what lxpanel uses...

-- jpxsat
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