Installed lubunto core, went OK, but no grub menu now

Chris Green cl at
Wed Oct 31 10:03:44 UTC 2012

I have just installed lubuntu core on an acer-aspire laptop.  There was
an existing Windows XP installation on the laptop.

Everything went very smoothly, no problems at all, the installation did
the expected change of the Windows XP partition size to make space for
the lubuntu install and eveything completed as expected.

However when I reboot the system I still just get the Windows boot
sequence, no sign of a Grub menu at all.  I did answer 'y' to the
installation question about letting grub take over the boot.

There's no data of importance on the system so I can just start again if
necessary but it takes a *long* time to do the XP install so I'd prefer
to fix this if I can.  (I do want dual boot as I occasionally need a
real XP for times when XP in VirtualBox doesn't quite work).

Chris Green

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