Question about Lightdm and XScreensaver integration

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Wed Oct 31 01:20:55 UTC 2012


I just have a question: If we look at Windows and other operating 
systems, if you "lock" your session you are directed to the login screen 
in order to return, which is the natural option. However, in Lubuntu, 
once you lock your session, this doesn't happen. You are forced to see a 
very ugly screen (managed by xscreensaver), which is not integrated at 
all with Lightdm. The same happens if the screensaver is active.

Is there a way to change this in Lubuntu 12.10? (by editing some 
configuration files). Are there plans to improve the integration by 
default in Lubuntu 13.04?

Thanks for your attention

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