Removal of 'Open as Root' option in PCmanFM

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Mon Oct 29 12:24:11 UTC 2012

Over on the LXDE list Andriy has opened a discussion on the removal of 
the 'Open as Root' option.

>     Hello!
>     I would like to duscuss a function in subject. Starting a lot of GUI
> applications (including MS Windows .exe files, browsers, etc.) under root
> makes linux vulnerable to troyans, backdoors, not mention the cost of a
> failure of the buggy GUI application when it operates with unlimited
> privileges is very high. And 'Open folder as a root' starts all of this.
> Since such kind of escalated privileges (which is much worse than some
> 'sudo -s' which is unwelcomed and often denied by administrator) is such
> dangerous no other file managers have such functionality available for a
> regular user. And no regular user would ever need such functionality but
> only administrator of multi-user system probably. If regular user wants
> open folder as root it usually means something was done badly before (for
> example, missing a group for user) and that should be fixed at that place
> instead of opening as root. So I think this should be available only in
> 'advanced' mode, the same way as SUID and SGID changes are available only
> in 'advanced' mode currently. What do you think?
>     With best regards.
>     Andriy.

If anybody has any thoughts on this and isn't a member of that list 
they can answer this thread and I will pass them on.
For  me, it can go, as it has with a lot of other file browsers.  If you 
wish to browse as root then PCmanFM can be opened with 'gksu'. It will 
make it that little bit harder for casual users to fiddle where they 


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