gpicview behaves bizzare

UH uhtlmk at
Sun Oct 28 17:04:20 UTC 2012

Ah, i forgot: Is there a way to delete gpicview without deleting as
well lubuntu-desktop. I tried aptitude --without-recommends but that
did not really work. At least, i didn't dare to proceed . . . ;)

2012/10/28 UH <uhtlmk at>:
> Thanks Alexander! Yep, installation is pretty easy and at a first
> glance seems really fine and exactly what it should be (in any case i
> keep gthumb for organizing photos and gimp). And it's amazingly fast!
> Just a question: How can i keep it always - automatically - up to
> date? is there a way by integration to repositories or something
> thatlike?
> TIA.
> 2012/10/28 Alexander Andjelkovic <andjelkovic at>:
>>> 2nd question: If not, what would be your advice for another
>>> lightweight and effectiv picture viewer (in lubuntu)? I checked a bit
>>> around for memory usage etc. and it seems geeqie would be the best (?)
>> Try Viewnior [1] it's been discussed as a replacement for Gpicview for a while.
>> Unfortunately it's not in the repos, but it's very easy to compile [2].
>> [1]:
>> [2]:

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