no accents in GTK2 apps

UH uhtlmk at
Sun Oct 28 07:37:07 UTC 2012

Rafael! Correction: should be 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure
keyboard-configuration' But, anyhow here comes the link:
(sorry for quoting something outside (l)ubuntu ;) )

2012/10/28 UH <uhtlmk at>:
> And yes LXKeymap misses somewhat the essentials for those with foreign
> (=not angloamerican) keyboards. I'm happy you confirm my laments :)
> 2012/10/28 UH <uhtlmk at>:
>> Rafael, here i'm an expert: Do the following sudo dpkg-reconfigure
>> keyboard" and choose whatever adapts to your case. Then do 'sudo
>> dpkg-reconfigure locales' and choose UTF8 - it should work. When
>> you'll wait i bit i'll find out the thread where i wrote it down . . .
>> ;)
>> 2012/10/28 紳癒礁湖 <rafaellaguna at>:
>>> I have a weird situation in my (clean) 12.10 system. I can't use accented characters (accents, dieresis, etc) with GTK2 apps, but I can write fine with GTK3 ones. My keyboard is a 105 intl. key, spanish with middle dot key. I'm using the catalan language. LXKeyboard is set to that.
>>> Did I messed it up when installing Anthy or something?
>>> Thanks.
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