Simple lxde lubuntu aero snap with working obkey keyboard editor

Alexander Andjelkovic andjelkovic at
Sat Oct 27 07:54:59 UTC 2012

> The use of keybindings for the "aero-snap" effect should certainly be
> publicized more. I've been using aero-snap in Lubuntu for a few months and
> am finally free of the headache of trying to grab borders to resize windows.
> (That said, .themerc makes it quite easy to have grabbable borders.)

We can feature it in our installation slideshow, as it's a major
feature that we never had before.

> I'm not sure that having default (or "factory-set") keybindings for Lubuntu
> (different or additional to those supplied by openbox) is a good idea. My
> preference would be to leave settings as they come out of the box (the
> openbox) but to make people aware of the power of lubuntu-rc.xml.

The average user shouldn't have to be editing .xml-files, especially
to add functionality (even Win 7 can tile windows).

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