Should lxde and Lubuntu finally change from the lxpanel to the xfce4-panel ?

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Wed Oct 24 14:45:26 UTC 2012

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> should Lubuntu or lxde finally think about switching to the
> xfce4-panel  ?  there are so many more plugins for that panel and to my
> surprise the memory usage is about the same as the lxpanel.. and when i
> say about i mean identical... so why is the time spent on developing a
> new panel when xfce4-panel be a great replacement.
This distro uses LXDE and an altered lxpanel. They describe it as:

  * lxpanel based on lxpanelx with some improvements from ROSA

I am not sure if these improvements have been made available upstream? 
Maybe they have additional plugins that some people are looking for. 
Thought it warranted a mention so those concerned can check it out. Link 
is below. 
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