Can't find /understand string in pcmanfm /libfm

Andrej N. Gritsenko andrej at
Tue Oct 23 14:37:29 UTC 2012


You have written on Tuesday, 23 October, at 16:06:
>On 2012-10-23 15:43, Yorvyk wrote:
>> What is this supposed to mean and where does it occur 'Mingle files
>> and folders'.  I’ve not seen it in use so can't find a context for
>> it.

>My interpretation is this:
>You do not distinct files from folders in an alphabetic sort.

>Consider this folder content
>Folder named: 1
>File named: 2
>Folder named: 3
>File named: 4
>Folder named: 5
>File named: 6

>Sorting the above on name would make them in the above order if you
>mingle files and folders.
>The default behavior would be to not mix them up and make one list of
>the folders and one list of the files. With the following result.


>I don't like the label on that option.

    This is supposed to be a sorting option in context menu in version
1.1.0. Since my native language isn't English I could not invent some
better label than that which still is short enough (remember, it's an
popup menu option and popup menu certainly shouldn't have the same size
as parent window or take width of half of screen) and that one was got
from feature request in tracker. If you can propose something better then
do it, please. Thank you.

    WBR, Andriy.

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