12.10 out, time to prepare 13.04

Michael Rawson michaelrawson76 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 17:52:18 UTC 2012

On 10/20/12 18:07, Julien Lavergne wrote:
> Hi,
> A big thanks to all the people involved in the 12.10 release. It's
> another success for us :-) Of course, it's not perfect, of course people
> will complain ... but well, let's just enjoy the work we did. From the
> testers to the translators, from the wiki masters to the people who talk
> about it, from the devs (LXDE, Ubuntu etc ...) to the wizards who done
> the artwork ... everyone deserve this :-)
> Unfortunately, after each release, another one is coming :-) In less
> than 2 weeks, UDS [1] will be at Copenhagen, to discuss 13.04 release. I
> already planned a session about Lubuntu, you can find the information on
> the blueprint [2]. Like last time, there is a section for open
> discussion, feel free to use it. As usual, if you want to discuss
> applications by default, or any major improvements, feel free to open a
> topic on the mailing list. My first task will be to set-up a strict
> schedule, which will most likely stop the discussions about default
> applications 1 or 2 weeks after UDS. Don't be surprised.
> Also, remember than everyones working on Lubuntu do it on their free
> time, no one is paid for this. So, we work on things we like, things we
> want and things we can do. That mean, even if a lot of people want a
> feature, it may not happen. It only may encourage us, because we know
> people are waiting for this, and it may be useful for them. If you
> really want something, the best option is to try yourself (it's open
> source after all ;-))
> But, for this week-end, it's time to enjoy and to rest a bit. And time
> to go to a release party ;-)
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne, a tired but proud boss
> [1] : http://uds.ubuntu.com/
> [2] :
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-r-lubuntu-work-items

Yay! No release parties in my area, but for those who have, go enjoy 
them. Thanks for all your hard work too, boss. :)

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