Thanks for Lubuntu 12.10 and some observations

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Fri Oct 19 15:27:50 UTC 2012

On 19/10/12 15:06, Sandor Ortegon wrote:
> Congrats to all the team ... and thanks again. Sorry, for losing my
> faith for a moment and deviating from the holy path ... this is a
> very good release!
It does look at times like things aren't going to come together but,
somehow it gets there in the end.  It pays to stick with it.

> Now ..., some minor problems to comment, I guess my mail summarizes
> the main glitches in this version so far:
> 1) Why Gpicview 0.2.4 is not installed by default??. Gpicview 0.2.3
> has several problems (for example, if you make a zoom in a large
> picture and try to use the scroll bar, it doesnt work). I downloaded
>  a deb file for 0.2.4 from the Lubuntu Developers PPA
> (lubuntu-daily), installed manually the program and everything work
> fine. I will use this version until someone finally puts gpicview
> 0.2.4 in the official repositories.
Probably wasn't released in time.

> 2) It only happened to me once, that I installed a program using
> Synaptic and the icon in the main menu was too big. Not sure if this
>  is Lubuntu's problem or not. Concrete example: LatexDraw. I had to
> edit the desktop file (latexdraw.desktop) in /usr/share/applications
>  and change latexdraw32.xpm with latexdraw16.xpm as the icon.
Best to file a bug against lubuntu-artwork as Alexander recently
requested in an email to the list.

> 3) There is no option to download propietary drivers. I don't use, so
> this is not a problem for me, but I have notice the option doesn't
> work in "Software Sources"
There's a radio button and tab in Software Sources for proprietary drivers.

> 4) For some reason, the program "Software Sources" loads very slow
> every time. very different from 12.04
Always pays to read the release notes.

> 5) Again, as in Lubuntu 12.04, Xfce4 power-manager doesn't work very
>  well. For example, it does not do what advertised with the screen
> backlight. I am not sure if it works at all. In fact, I uninstalled
> it and not it works better, the laptop is cooler. This needs to be
> investigated ... probably, this program is not doing anything good at
> all in Lubuntu!. At the end, I installed Jupiter Applet:
>, which in fact is the only program I
> have found that allows me to disable the touchpad in my Toshiba
> Laptop effectively, among other things (I cannot do this with other
> program in the menu). I use the "Power on Demand" mode (and
> sometimes, the "Power Saving Mode").
There are various tools in the repos for dealing with the
peculiarities of various laptops, including Toshiba, that may be
worth looking at.  Such as fnfxd. It also helps if you can file or add
to bug reports for this type of problem as the devs don't have access to
all variations of hardware.

> 6) My computer doesn't have bluethooth, so I uninstall bluetooth
> programs ... and curiously, this forces me to uninstall "Sylpheed"!!!
> It makes no sense. I use Thunderbird, so it doesn't affect me (to the
> contrary, it is better), but it is weird that Sylpheed has some
> bluetooth program or library as dependency.
Unless you're desperately short of disk space just do what I do and
blacklist the module.

> 7) The "Penguin Games" installed by default ... umm... don't look
> very well (some even missed the menu bar in the Window) ... I always
>  uninstall them and install aisleriot.
This depends partially on the display.  On small displays they look no
worse than any other apps.  Despite my best endeavours I've not seen the
missing menu bar problem on any of my machines.

> Thats all, I hope this complete summary is useful for you. Have a
> good day and thanks again!
As I said with technical issues it pays to file a bug report so they
don't get forgotten.  Also the person responsible for a certain package
may not read this list and therefore will never become aware of the

Some of the problems you mention are the sort of nasty/nigglingly little 
things that don't stop the software from being used but would make life 
a lot better if they didn't occur.  They're also the sort of thing that 
can take a lot of time and effort to debug and correct. So hats of to 
the devs for getting us this far.  Hopefully the artwork problems will 
disappear if those involved don't have to keep compensating for problems 
with the engine.

Lets look forward to Raring Ringtail - I'm upgrading now watch out for 
bug reports Gilir :P

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