Are new versions of Gpicview and other programs going to arrive tomorrow in the official 12.10 release?

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Wed Oct 17 21:33:27 UTC 2012


I have noticed that there are newer versions of several programs related to
Ubuntu, like gpicview, pcmanfm, lxpanel, etc, according to what I have seen
in the Lubuntu Developers PPA, However, I installed Lubuntu 12.10 (the
daily build) a few days ago and none of these updates have appeared. For
example, I still get Gpicview 0.2.3, which is a buggy program, compared to
the 0.2.4 version, which is better.

I have resisted using a PPA, waiting for the updates to the final release,
but I am not sure if the newer versions are going to arrive at that moment.
For example, the current lxpanel (task bar) is still buggy, so I am anxious
for using the latest and improved versions.

Thanks for your attention
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