Abiword lagging display bug affects Lubuntu 12.04

John Hupp lubuntu at prpcompany.com
Fri Oct 12 16:05:05 UTC 2012

I was trying to use Abiword to create some documentation -- just very 
ordinary word processing -- and found that as I entered text, the text 
display lagged badly.  And I am not a fast typist!

It turns out that this is a bug first documented for Ubuntu/Unity, and 
apparently Lubuntu/LXDE is also affected.  See 

The bug report says that other word processors are not affected.

I have not checked out 12.10 to see what the default word processor is, 
but I would find something else if this bug is not being rapidly 
addressed.  Abiword may be light, but it moves like an elephant in this 
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