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> >> It may have all those features, but it's not really user-friendly in
> >> it's current state.  With the provision of a reasonable mouse driven
> >> interface, though, it could be a good alternative to Chromium or Firefox.
> > The mouse can be used to go forward, backward, stop, reload, select tabs, copy links, choose to open links in new tabs or within the existing tab, etc. etc.
> > What's missing? Chances are we can add it, e.g. we could rebind mouse button 3 to open history.
> Save page, print page, import/expot/manage bookmarks, text zoom are ones 
> I can think of straight away.

Print page: Control-P or :print
Save page: same as print page, but use print to file.
Import bookmarks: this is harder. see below.
Export bookmarks: for purposes of using with another xxxterm, this is easy. otherwise, need to convert to html which could be scripted relatively easily. though with a bit more work than the import.
Manage bookmarks: Meta-F or :fav
Add bookmark: :favadd
Zoom in: Control-plus or Control-equal or :focusin
Zoom out: Control-minus or :focusout

Admittedly all with the keyboard, but, they can be bound to other keys or key/mousebutton combinations.

Import from Chromium can be scripted:
cat ~/.config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks | \
	grep -e name -e http | \
	grep -ve "Bookmarks Bar" -ve "Other Bookmarks" -ve "Mobile Bookmarks" | \
	sed -e 's|.*name": "\(.*\)",|\1|' -e 's|.*url": "\(.*\)"|\1|' \
	>> ~/.xxxterm/favorites
Don't have Firefox laying around so don't know about that. No reason we couldn't include a little script to do it or write a wiki page.

Keep it coming.


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