Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Wed Oct 10 21:15:20 UTC 2012

On 10/10/12 21:39, ∅ wrote:
> Not relevant to the aforementioned wiki page, as this is way upstream
> still, but Debian has made progress on the package on their end [1]
> but note this does not mean it has yet landed in the official repos,
> as there is more work to be done.
> In response to some of the comments, I should note that the browser
> has bookmarks, history, sessions, plugins (in the sense of
> audio/video plugins like Flash, not necessarily some of the fancy
> deals available for Firefox and Chromium e.g. VideoDownloadHelper in
>  Firefox or Angry Birds in Chromium), JavaScript, certificate, and
> cookie support.
> I'd sort of argue that if we need more than that, we might as well
> replace LXDE with Gnome and Unity, but that's just my 2¢.
> wxl
> [1]
It may have all those features, but it's not really user-friendly in
it's current state.  With the provision of a reasonable mouse driven
interface, though, it could be a good alternative to Chromium or Firefox.
Anybody been using Midori lately, that seems to be quite good as well.

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