Questions after installing Lubuntu 12.10 (Daily Build, October 6)

Sandor Ortegon sandortegon at
Sun Oct 7 20:57:07 UTC 2012


After using Lubuntu 12.10 during the whole day, I can clarify about a 
couple of "bugs" and show another.

- About Audacious and the freezing of the mouse: I was using a version 
from a PPA, given that the latest version is not yet in the 
repositories. I uninstalled and decided to compile Audacious from source 
and it worked perfectly, so the problem was related to the build.

- I have detected (and it is not related to PPAs or something like that) 
that the utility to extract and compress files has bugs. For example, if 
I right-click on a compressed file to extract it .. nothing happens, but 
if I open the file and inside the program I choose to "extract", it 
works correctly. So I guess there is an error here.

Thanks for your attention and I am glad I don't have to install 12.10 

Have a nice day

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