Questions after installing Lubuntu 12.10 (Daily Build, October 6)

Yorvyk yorvik.ubunto at
Sun Oct 7 18:42:30 UTC 2012

On 07/10/12 15:53, Sandor Ortegon wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I just installed Lubuntu 12.10 using the daily build of October 6. This
 > is the first time I have ever installed a beta release and I would like
 > to share my impressions and ask several questions about problems that I
 > have been experiencing. I have been using Lubuntu since 11.10 (and I
 > installed 12.04 too), so I can compare relative to previous versions.
 > Good:
 > - This is the first time that the touchpad is recognized (my laptop is a
 > Toshiba Satellite M505 S4000WH) ... and the buttons to reduce brightness
 > work). So I am very happy about this.
 > - Startup time has been reduced.
 > Bad:
 > - Almost all programs I have installed (and including several from the
 > default list) include black borders in buttons and it looks awful. And
 > the progress bar (for example, when updates are been downloading using
 > the update-manager, or when a video is being played) look terrible.
A few people seem to be making a fuss about this, but I rather like it.

 > I have read from Rafael Laguna (in a previous mail to the list) that
 > apparently, this has been corrected, but ... do I need to add a PPA to
 > see everything look better? Or these changes are going to be in the
 > repositories soon?
It should turn up before release.

 > - I don't know if this is related to the previous issue, but I was using
 > Audacious (which has worked wonderfully for me in previous releases) and
 > I started playing a song. Then the mouse suddenly got stuck in "hand
 > mode", so every time I tried to move the mouse, I was moving the window
 > and I couldn't change the song (like if the mouse pointer got attached).
 > I have to close the program using the keyboard (Alt+F4).
I manage to do this at various time mainly with Chromium - not sure what 
causes it, I don't think it's a bug ut double clicking on some thing.

 > In doubt:
 > - Should I need to reinstall the system when Lubuntu 12.10 is released
 > officially? Or it is enough to keep this installation and update when
 > necessary? My problem is that I am investing time in the installation
 > and adding programs, so it would be frustrating to reinstall Lubuntu
 > 12.10 again when the official release appears. I would be grateful for
 > help on this.
Just continue to upgrade and you will end up with the final release.

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