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紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna) rafaellaguna at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 6 19:59:55 UTC 2012

Hello, boys and girls.

I'm proud to release the Quantal Quetzal version of the CD Set with the new "aztec" design. The guys from Canonical made a great job, doing a historical review of the pre-colombine societies.

You can see the quetzal in every poster (I'm finishing the Lubuntu one) or press element, as well as the God Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, drawing the "1210" version number. I can't help watching there the nibbles game moving thru the squares.

I hope you like them, I did it with all my dedication. You can download it all here:

紳癒礁湖 (Rafael Laguna)
Lubuntu Artwork Team

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