Open Week Session

Phill Whiteside PhillW at
Wed Oct 3 19:57:45 UTC 2012

Yes folks, 12.10 is drawing nearer by the day!

As part of each new release, all teams are asked to give an (up to) one
hour presentation on their flavour as part of open week[1]. I've suggested
that the theme for Lubuntu be "lubuntu was conceived for low spec machines,
but has found favour with higher spec machines as well". It is a chance to
let people know what lubuntu is, what applications it runs etc.

The session will be held at during the last week of October, but I've been
asked to get a volunteer named by the end of the week so that they can work
out what slot is best suited for them.

Doing one is not too difficult and the 'back-stage' people are there to
assist. I did a tutorial session a while back and whilst a bit scary, it is
good fun!

Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you're interested.



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