Bug : letters don't display normally

pierre gobin pierre.gobin at sfr.fr
Sat Nov 10 21:40:25 UTC 2012

On 10/11/12 13:52, pierre gobin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am writing to you to know how I can report a bug that I have for a
>>  long time under Lubuntu (in fact, I don't know if it is specific to
>>  Lubuntu, or if it affects also Ubuntu).
>> As the bug it is quite difficult to explain, I attached a screenshot
>> : http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1352554799.png
>> As you can see in red rectangles, a few letters appears anormaly.
>> Here it is "a"  and "v" letters. If I deconnect / reconnect from my
>> session (or reboot), it will affect other letters. Here it is not
>> very disturbing, but sometimes it can affect a lot of letters, and
>> can make them difficult to read.
>> So I would like to know what was the package that I could report a
>> bug on, and what were the informations that I had to give to help to
>> fix it.
>> Thanks for your attention,
>A few ideas to try, if you haven't already.
>Have you tried a different font?
>Go to Preferences > Customise Look and Feel > Font and see if the
>settings there have any effect.
>Try a different language setting.

 Thanks for your answer.

I have already tried to change the font. I noticed that when the bug appears, it affects a few letters in a particular font. Thereby, in a session, it can affect the letter "a" in Ubuntu font, in an other, the letter "q" in Sans font, etc. And if I change the font and then I use again the initial font, the bug is still there.

However, I didn't try to change the language setting. The bug doesn't appear right now, I will try as soon as it will reappear.

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