Can a USB Device link appear on Desktop when mounted?

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Sat Nov 10 17:17:23 UTC 2012


All but two of my machines will not boot from USB devices on their own
(they need the 'plop' CD to do that trick).  So the worry about it
inadvertently booting from the USB drive is seldom a concern to me.  

Often, in updating software in my test-bed computers, I will insert the
USB drive, and respond to the messages (I have two partitions on the USB
drive - one for booting, and the other for file transfer), so I get two
such dialog boxes asking what to do with each found partition.  

So in updating the Lubuntu system in my first hard-drive partition, it
works as you described.  

Then, to update the other partition(s), I leave the USB drive plugged in
(since it's a pain to crawl down behind the machine to plug it in, or
un-plug it (yeah, I'm to miserly to buy a USB extender cable), and it
always requires a flashlight to plug it in).  

I quickly learned to update the Lubuntu partition first, since it seemed
not to see the USB drive partitions if I booted Lubuntu with it already

The other partitions (Ubuntu-Studio (XFCE), Ubuntu, and Kubuntu) are all
able to recognize the USB drive partitions when it is already plugged-in
during the boot-from-hard-disk process.  

This experience comes mostly from Lubuntu 12.04 (and some from 11.10).
I don't know if it is still a problem in 12.10 because I have learned to
avoid having the USB drive plugged-in while booting Lubuntu.  

- Aere

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Hi Aere,

having a USB device plugged in at boot time opens a whole new can of

The boot order is set in BIOS, ensure that the usb device is lower than
what disk you wish to boot off. My system has BIOS to boot off usb and
dvd/cd rom drive before it even looks at the hard drives. 

PcManFM will auto mount an USB device, but I do think it is a case of
checking closely your boot order in the BIOS start up screen.



On 10 November 2012 02:07, Aere Greenway <Aere at>
        I think the problem being referred-to here, is when the USB
        device is already plugged-in when the system is booted.  
        Of course, you could un-plug it, and re-plug it in, but I am
        very apprehensive about unplugging USB mass storage devices
        without being absolutely sure it isn't mounted.  
        - Aere
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        Sorry, I did not fully read... 
        1. Plug in USB device 2. Allow PCManFM to mount it. 3. The
        device will appear on the PCManFM listing on the panel to the
        the USB will be mounted at.. 
        under the user name. 
        e.g. I'm phillw, and my USB (DANE-ELEC) device can be found
        cd /media 
        followed by  
        phillw at piglet:/media$ ls 
        which will give the listing as per below (it will be your user
        cdrom  phillw 
        You can then cd into your user name area... 
        phillw at piglet:/media/phillw$ ls -l total 20 drwx------ 14 phillw
        phillw 20480 Jan  1  1970 DANE-ELEC 
        at which point you will see the name of your USB (DANE-ELEC) in
        my case. 
        Hope that helps. 
        On 10 November 2012 00:05, Phill Whiteside <PhillW at>
                when a USB device is plugged in, a window will appear to
                ask if you want it mounting via 'File Manager'. Just
                accept the top option and the device will appear on
                PCManFM in the left hand pane.
                On 9 November 2012 23:50, Mr Wislr
                <contact at> wrote:
                        On Fri, 09 Nov 2012 16:36:59 -0700
                        not sure about automount to the desktop but it
                        should appear in the
                        left hand column of pcmanfm (when you open any
                        folder) it should be
                        listed there, you shouldn't have to manually go
                        to /media 
                        Lee Gold <leegold at> wrote:
                        > Hi,
                        > Using Lubuntu 12.04. When I insert a USB drive
                        it does automatically
                        > mount and I go to /media to find it. But is
                        there a way to also have a
                        > link to it appear automatically on the desktop
                        to? This is a
                        > convienience on some other OS's and wondered
                        if Lubuntu will do this?
                        > Thanks
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