About Gnome-Mplayer and playlist management

Pascual Lucero pascualucero at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 12:30:55 UTC 2012


I would like to ask the following: I have seen that Gnome-Mplayer has
problems in reproducing pls files, like the ones coming from online radio
stations. For example, the following:


While other players like Audacious, VLC play these radio stations
inmediately, Gnome-Mplayer takes a while for playing them, about thirty
seconds, loading something slowly. I thought this was Mplayer problem, but
when I do the same with SMPLayer, the behavior or the latter is the same as

I have installed Gnome-Mplayer 1.0.7 (using Juliens ppa) to see if there
was going to be a change, but the situation is the same.
What is happening then? Is there a way to build Gnome-Mplayer to avoid
these problems?

Thanks for your attention
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