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Sat Nov 3 22:18:22 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

Below is my best understanding of what is a truly grey area. Please feel to
file corrections to facts. The Chromium-PPA ran out of volunteers to keep
it all going.

Whilst the 'usual' PPA's [1], [2] and [3] Are still in some flux,
discussions have continued and sources sought. The -release team did add in
the most upto date available Chromium that they had for 12.10, even though
they knew it would be rapidly out of date. For doing that we owe a
thank-you. Ubuntu do not 'per-se' maintain Chromium, it is a ported version
of Chrome for F/OSS teams that up hold the differences between the
commercial 'Chrome' and the true F/OSS Chromium.

Part of this is trying to get that area resurrected. Along the way, I was
lucky enough to have WebUp8 post me a link to getting 12.04 Chromium
updates[4]. Those of you who know me will know that I would follow the
trail :)

Alex tries to keep an active PPA going [5] It covers all the releases of
(L)ubuntu. The one shown as 'updated' was in fact the ubuntu version[6].

You people have a headache yet? I have had plenty trying to track things
and people down!

So, for those of you who have read through this far.... there are new
-ubuntu versions available by using the dev PPA listed at [4]. I just
installed chromium-browser_23.0.1271.1~svn20120922r157674-0ubuntu1 So,
there are newer versions about, just not yet in any "semi-official" PPA /
Update route - So just add his if you want the latest versions.

On a personal note:

Yes, it does infruriate me as well and I do try my best, but I'm not a dev
/ MOTU. If you do use Alex's PPA, do please drop him a quick email to say
thanks... hopefully he will come on board and go through the hoops and
jumps that are required to become official - just bear in mind, he is doing
this out the kindness of his own heart & is *not* a part of bug reporting!



P.S. that well exceeds my last record for links in an email, but I thought
it better that your could follow the full story as I have it.
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