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Tue May 29 11:45:19 UTC 2012

On second thought, i think that using gstreamer is a good choice, since 
we don't have to think about the backend (pulseaudio, alsa or OSS). The 
xfce4 mixer sadly depends on libxfceui, but we can take a look at it.

Just a question (to everybody): with horizontal style, do you mean 
horizontal scroller or horizontal controls? (i mean, the image i posted 
or something like alsamixer?)

Stephen Smally

On 05/29/2012 04:59 AM, PCMan wrote:
> I wanna do this last time and have some code that does not work yet.
> My original plan was to build a mixer which supports different backends.
> ALSA is only available on Linux, and at least we may need to support 
> OSS, OSS4, pulseaudio.
> Using GstMixer provided by gstreamer can achieve this and xfce mixer 
> does this
> However it creates dependency on gstreamer. (not all gstremer plugins 
> are needed, only the basic ones, which is not large).
> I studied the API for different sound systems and found that they are 
> very different.
> GStreamer team really did a great job to provide a consistent mixer 
> API for them.
> If we're going to do it ourselves and do not use gstreamer mixer APIs, 
> we need to do similar things.
> There are actually several lightweight gtk+-based ALSA mixer which 
> uses ALSA and gtk+ only.
> I even found one written in plain C, which is good.
> None of them, however, can support other sound systems.
> Currently I cannot find a nice and clean mixer which is not 
> Linux-specific.
> Can we create one?
> On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 7:48 PM, Stephen Smally 
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>     Hi, i sent this message to the list but it was too heavy (an image
>     was attached), so the moderator had to approve it. Nevermind, here
>     it is.
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>     Hi Guys, i have been working on a mixer for alsa in these days, so
>     this is how is at the moment:
>     GMixer <>
>     I'm not sure about the layout (if keep the "vertical style" or use
>     the more classic "horizontal style"), i'm trying to make something
>     more modern than other mixers like gnome-alsamixer (which somebody
>     suggested, but it has some huge dependencies). I called it GMixer
>     because it just a Gtk mixer for alsa, so it suitable for any Gtk
>     desktop environment.
>     Do you have any suggestion?
>     Cheers!
>     Stephen Smally
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