Meeting Minutes online 2012-05-16

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Wed May 23 06:54:21 UTC 2012

On 05/22/2012 06:57 AM, Cyber Penguin wrote:

> If Lubuntu is going to get just a slight marketshare we have to
> abandon this way of thinking. The first step is to take people's
> opinions seriously - "people" meaning everyone who gets in touch with
> the system. We should not only pay respect to their vote, but
> actively seek their opinion.

I think the highest priority "step" is to get the work done, so we have
a useful software product to release.

Can you name a few successful open source software projects in which
"everyone who gets in touch with the system" votes to determine what
those who actually contribute to the software product (code, or artwork,
or documentation -- *anything* that ends up part of the end product),
and those who provide its online infrastructure (servers, bandwidth,
etc.) must do, and which have formally adopted project governance models
that specify this?  Links to these existing governance documents would
be really helpful.

So far I am (a) not convinced that there is a need for Lubuntu to adopt
any governance model other than the one it is already under, that of
Ubuntu as a whole; and (b) not convinced that the governance model being
proposed has any successful real-world precedent whatsoever in the area
of open source software projects.

I am open to hearing solid convincing evidence for either or both of
these things.

Lastly for now, (c) it is unclear to me what adopting the proposed
governance model would mean in practice, in terms of specific changes to
how the work of maintaining and releasing Lubuntu is carried out.  Can
you provide specific examples to clarify this?



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