Several questions re 12.04 ppc

UH uhtlmk at
Wed May 23 06:36:09 UTC 2012

Hi all!

Recently i installed lubuntu 12.04 powerpc on my PB 17" alluminium
(really it was an upgrade from a 12.04 ppc beta to the final version).
Now i realize there are several problems, i'd like to list here,
hoping there is someone who reads:

1) The kernel upgrade installs the symbolic link files in the root
directory "/" instead of "/boot". And the newest kernel file has
systematically the wrong rights (only root no rights for any other
users). This can be corrected by hand but it's for sure not the way it
should be ;) (cfr. and the
follow up). May be someone more skilled than me could have a look at
the script for updates and upgrades . . . (?)

2) lubuntu logout does not work correctly: If i try to shut down or to
restart, a window opens asking for my password, but when i try to fill
in, the window disappears and no shutdown etc is done. Hibernate,
Standby or Change User work.

3) Lxkeymap (v. 0.7.99) does not work. In the menu <Options> i cannot
activate anything. It's shown, but nothing else.

4) Bluetooth does not work using the standard installation (i checked
with MintPPC 11 and for some reason even there seem to be problems).
On the other hand: with blueman and this script (
- substitute "dolphin" by pcmanfm in the script) now it works. Before,
in the 12.04 beta that combination was dead slow!

5) I think that's not ppc specific: lxappearance does not cover
completely obconf; so, i think, they should be installed both by

Finally, something really positive:
With the installation of powernowd and adding  "fan_speed=66
limit_adjust=6" to the "therm_adt746x" statement in '/etc/modules'
(thanks to rsavage!) definitely the annoying and excessive fan noise
problem seems to be resolved.

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