Empty trash as root

Keith Clark keithclark at k-wbookworm.com
Fri May 18 19:34:13 UTC 2012

On 12-05-18 03:18 PM, Michael Rawson wrote:
> On 18/05/12 20:14, Keith Clark wrote:
>> I copied a file, as root, into a directory but ran out of disk 
>> space.  I then deleted the files but that did not clear up any disk 
>> space.  I click on the Trash to empty it and file manager throws up 
>> an error 'not permitted'.
>> Any ideas on how to clear this up without a complete wipe out and 
>> reinstall of everything?
>> Keith
> "sudo rm -r ~/.local/share/Trash/files" should work. That's the 
> location of the trash.
Ah, you have to use "sudo rm -r _root_/.local/share/Trash/files"

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