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Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Fri May 18 19:12:31 UTC 2012

On Fri, May 18, 2012, at 10:13 AM, Ryan Porter wrote:

> As I can't participate in the meeting (IRC is bloked by my parents), I
> would like to vote here to follow the meritocratic governance
> structure described at
> http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/debianleader.xml .

This document is worth reading closely.  It states principles which
are not currently implemented in the Lubuntu community as a whole.
For example:

    Use consistent communication methods

        as much as possible, the communications of the project should be
        carried out using the same media and standards as the primary
        activity. This encourages participation of all project members
        on either a casual or a permanent basis in this work. If the
        development coordination is done using archived mailing lists,
        then so should the new-user question answering and

Voting for this document therefore appears to be a vote that Lubuntu
should downplay Facebook and forums, and primarily use email mailing
lists and the wiki for its interaction with new users, since archived
email mailing lists and wiki are the primary media Lubuntu uses for
development coordination.

Am I interpreting this accurately?

I note also that the act of "voting" in itself implies a clear
definition of who is eligible to cast votes.  In Debian elections for
Project leader, DD's can vote.  Becoming a DD is a pretty lengthy and
difficult process.  I am unclear what exactly those proposing this
approach be adopted by Lubuntu are recommending as the Lubuntu
equivalent for determining voting eligibility.  Presumably, this will be
explained to us in detail during the next IRC meeting by kanliot.

I'm definitely open to learning how this is expected to work in the
context of Lubuntu, and why it might be preferable to a Ubuntu-oriented
approach, but my "gut reaction" (based on what I know so far) is that
I'd prefer to stick with the Ubuntu CoC, especially with the newer draft
version that merges the Leadership CoC with the basic one, as a basis
for how we, the Lubuntu community, are expected to behave and operate.

  Jonathan Marsden
  jmarsden at fastmail.fm

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