紳癒礁湖 rafaellaguna at ubuntu.com
Wed May 16 16:56:02 UTC 2012

Will, I'm agree with you. You have no idea about how many reactions
cause choosing some colour for the background, something that is
subjectr to objective reasons, and absolutely not personal feelings
(that are not allowed while we talk in science of computing terms).

Dan, I never get tired of one thing. Lubuntu is official. That means the
same obligations and responsability of other flavours. I was part of the
OpenSuSE spins a long time ago and the "goverment" just changed from one
environment to another. The core OS was the same. It seems, you're
right, that Lubuntu may look as another thing, but I say again and
again: it's just Ubuntu with another "makeup" (I hate using this word as
an UI designer).

I'd like to say to everybody in this mailing list one thing. The server
which is bringing us the ability to discuss things about an OS, the apps
it will include, the wallpaper we prefer, and another technical issues,
many of times not fixed here, etc. I mean, most of the people who spends
time here, doesn't code at all, because their are users, not coders. And
the reason they came here is for improving, collaborating and
transmitting their experiences and oppinion.

So, I don't really understand why, some people, registers, puts their
personal data, and follow a thread... just for trolling the others.
That's why we need some rules. You may consider that we have a high
degree of democracy here, too much sometimes, in the way that users
opinion may change the way this OS goes. Every word or decision taken
here usually is reflected on the member discussions and the Launchpad
coding and packaging boards. I'm sure this doesn't happens in other

For example, I'm at the artwork team, the founder (because I was the
first one). I'm absolutely depending on Ubuntu Artwork Team and Design
people from Canonical. And sometimes there's a crash between what people
wants and what Canonical wants, and that is a very uncomfortable
situation, sometimes solved with an e-mail from "upper spheres" against
the people's choices.

I just wanted you to know my opint of view. Thank you and sorry for this
looong post.

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