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Tue May 15 22:19:33 UTC 2012

Even among our latest unraveling's I want to point out that there is
no...again there is no major part of the *nix community that does not have
a certain group of personnel making the final decisions. That's everything
from Ubuntu itself to the forums to launchpad and everything in between.
Heck even if you edit a wiki page there is someone in charge viewing it to
assure Q/A! Just because we use something does not mean we have the right
to dictate how it operates. Yes there are many team aspects and a good
organization will take feedback from its users but overall it comes down to
those select individuals to make the final say so. As stated before there
are many kernel contributors but the great LT has the final go ahead on
whats implemented and released. Do not let the notion of "free" blind you
from reality. There are very few dedicated head developers over Lubuntu
(that i know of) and regardless of how i or anyone else feels they will
take the direction of Lubuntu how they see best for the community and
future of this OS, exactly like the Ubuntu developers. Think Ubuntu and
Unity! Same as with the Ubuntu forums admins/moderators. They are there as
final say so! They choose when to move/lock/close/delete/ban and many other
actions when it is deemed necessary and believe it or not there are admins
watching admins and other moderators to ensure fairness across the board! I
have been in this community some years now and i can tell you that the
system is in place for a reason...it works. It sounds messed up but even if
the lubuntu community vote on a certain feature...it boils down to the
developers. Beauty of linux....you can always use another or make your own
OS!!! Just be respectful to all. No with Chris gone, (sad for me as well)
we need to come together as a team and look to the future. We need solid
leaders with experience that we can elect. As i last understand the
situation we need a wiki lead now. So lets focus there. Also folks when we
get this lead, lets let them do their job and manage this area of operation
and whoever becomes lead remember, lubuntu docs is your area of lead....not
forums....not ask ubuntu...not launchpad nor any other os or anything else.
You are a documentation lead role for Lubuntu...stick to it.
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