Fwd: Last chance to fund Tube, a free culture Blender-animated film!

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regardless of the plea for funding, I thought this little snippet of news
worthy of forwarding to the general lubuntu ML. Please do go and have a
look. Find out what it needs to run under Lubuntu that we do not have by
default & some idea of what system resources it requires. It's nice to see
this sort of thing being developed as completely F/OSS :)


P.S. - Yes, I'm just back from India... jet lagged. - I'll be working
through any outstanding emails over the next couple of days, please be
patient :)
P.P.S. - No, I still do not have my exam results :/

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Subject: Last chance to fund Tube, a free culture Blender-animated film!
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Blender's Open Movie
 have already proved that it's possible to produce stunningly high-quality
3D animated films exclusively using free software in a studio setting. Now,
a new animated short film called Tube <http://urchn.org/media>, inspired by
the ancient epic poem of Gilgamesh, is expanding on that work to bring free
culture to the masses. The Tube project is not merely evidence of the
technical capabilities of free software tools like
, PiTiVi <http://www.pitivi.org/>, and Fedora
<http://fedoraproject.org/> GNU/Linux,
but living proof of their viability for independent filmmakers. The most
impressive aspect of the project is that it has managed to come together
through distributed collaboration between 56 artists from 22 countries —
some of which are at war. Tube truly highlights the incredible unifying
power of free software tools and a free culture model.


Within the first few days, Tube's Kickstarter
the minimal baseline goal of $22K and subsequently hit
the film enters the final stages of production, the Tube team needs as much
support as they can get to make this story a huge success for free
software, free culture, and independent animators everywhere. With the
production funding target of $50K in sight and just a couple days left in
the campaign, this is your last chance to support this ambitious
undertaking and get your name in the film as a backer. There is enormous
potential here; as Mashable questions, 'Will This Open-Source Animated Film
Change the Movie Industry

The film's public release is scheduled for 7 months from now along with all
the assets, source, and project files under the free
 and copyleft <http://freedomdefined.org/Licenses#Copyleft> Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA) licence. For an in-depth
discussion with the team, check out this interview with the Tube project
founders on Libre Graphics
It's up to us now to help Tube affirm the legitimacy of producing free
cultural works in a fully free software workflow.

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