Ubuntu lacks some thumbnailer configuration files.

PCMan pcman.tw at gmail.com
Sat May 12 01:32:53 UTC 2012

I sent a patch to the upstream project.

For other thumbnailers in ubuntu, IIRC ooo-thumbnailer has an existing bug
report for it. I don't know others. If these problems can be fixed, pcmanfm
can have full thumbnail support. It's in external-thumbnailer branch now
and I plan to merge this to master branch soon.
On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 5:10 AM, Julien Lavergne <gilir at ubuntu.com> wrote:

>  On 05/07/2012 08:34 PM, PCMan wrote:
>> Yesterday I did external thumbnailer support for pcmanfm/libfm (in the
>> external-thumbnailer branch).
>> That means, now we can generate thumbnails for all kinds of files, if a
>> proper thumbnailer program exists.
>> In the past, however, the association of file formats and thumbnailer
>> commands is stored in gconf2.
>> XFCE uses a different approach and installs their own thumbnailer
>> service, tumbler.
>> Most existing thumbnailer programs are designed for gnome2 and install
>> proper configuration in gconf2.
>> This does not work anymore for gnome 3.
>> Gnome 3 no more store thumbnailer configuration in gconf.
>> Now they use ini format files with *.thumbnail extension installed in
>> /usr/share/thumbnails.
>> By default there are totem.thumbnail, evince.thumbnail, and
>> gnome-font.thumbnail.
>> The older thumbnailers designed for gnome 2, such as ooo-thumbnailer and
>> ffmpegthumbnailer do not work since they don't bring *.thumbnailer files.
>> Can anyone fix this?
>> In libfm/pcmanfm we use the same file format as gnome 3 so we won't need
>> gconf.
>> Once this can be fixed, thumbnails for libreoffice files and video files
>> supported by ffmpeg can be generated for pcmanfm.
> Did you report bugs on Launchpad about them ? If it's the case, can you
> send me the bug numbers or subscribe me to them, I'll have a look.
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne
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