Ubuntu lacks some thumbnailer configuration files.

PCMan pcman.tw at gmail.com
Tue May 8 03:34:04 UTC 2012

Hi list,
Yesterday I did external thumbnailer support for pcmanfm/libfm (in the
external-thumbnailer branch).
That means, now we can generate thumbnails for all kinds of files, if a
proper thumbnailer program exists.
In the past, however, the association of file formats and thumbnailer
commands is stored in gconf2.
XFCE uses a different approach and installs their own thumbnailer service,
Most existing thumbnailer programs are designed for gnome2 and install
proper configuration in gconf2.
This does not work anymore for gnome 3.
Gnome 3 no more store thumbnailer configuration in gconf.
Now they use ini format files with *.thumbnail extension installed in
By default there are totem.thumbnail, evince.thumbnail, and
The older thumbnailers designed for gnome 2, such as ooo-thumbnailer and
ffmpegthumbnailer do not work since they don't bring *.thumbnailer files.
Can anyone fix this?
In libfm/pcmanfm we use the same file format as gnome 3 so we won't need
Once this can be fixed, thumbnails for libreoffice files and video files
supported by ffmpeg can be generated for pcmanfm.

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