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Bhaskar Kandiyal bkandiyal at gmail.com
Tue May 1 18:08:41 UTC 2012

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On Tuesday 01 May 2012 10:32 PM, Michael Rawson wrote:
> +1, AJ.
> I have to say, I'm a little disgusted.
> That said, can we just keep Lance, top-posting or not? If I was
> Lance, I would have gone a long time ago, probably to go and tour
> the world while I could still remember it. :(
> @UbuntuForums/Facebook/mailing list - I would point out that the
> current system works well in that those that use system x know the
> customs (generally) of system x, and can get help on a level of
> system x.
> Michael

+1 as well.

I don't really like the whole idea of top-posting vs bottom-posting
thing, just let people do what they like.
And if you're really into following etiquettes then most guidelines
state that people should avoid HTML emails and yet people still send
HTML emails to this list. Also, I often see bottom-posted emails on
this list that don't have irrelevant stuff removed so you have to
scroll down all the way past the 4 or 5 quoted emails just to see a
one liner reply.

Personally, I don't like HTML emails but those people using webmail
like Yahoo don't have a choice so I'm fine with it.

All in all, I don't think what I say will matter much, but, just let
people do what they want and let's make this list productive without
simply arguing about top posting vs bottom posting and enforcing
mailing list etiquettes.

Bhaskar Kandiyal
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