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John Collins johncollins.jd at gmail.com
Tue May 1 13:51:41 UTC 2012

On 05/01/2012 06:43 AM, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
> 01.05.2012 09:10, Jarno Suni kirjoitti:
>> Yahoo Mail webmail top posts signature and quoted text*. You can disable
>> both, or use a proper mail client for your Yahoo Mail, or use a
>> different webmail account.
> As far as I know, Yahoo Mail wants payment before it allows users to use
> anything else than the web interface.

I would look into Zimbra Desktop.  It is a proper email client and I 
believe it allows you IMAP access to your free Yahoo account.  The 
reason is that Yahoo bought Zimbra a few years ago.  Yahoo has since 
sold Zimbra to VMWare, but I think Zimbra Desktop still provides IMAP 
access to free Yahoo mail.  Zimbra is free to download and use.  I used 
it until recently (not for a free yahoo account).  I found it to be 
quite a nice product.  I ran it on Lubuntu - but I recently noticed that 
there is no 64 bit linux version.  However, I ran the 32 bit version on 
a 64 bit machine without any issue.  While I didn't test it, I do 
remember Yahoo Mail as being one of the built in account types that 
Zimbra automatically sync with.  (I am not affiliated with Zimbra or Yahoo).

Good luck

John Collins
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