About my health, top posting vs bottom posting, and Ubuntu forums

Jarno Suni jarno.ilari.suni at gmail.com
Tue May 1 06:10:32 UTC 2012

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 1:53 PM, Lance <lbsolost at yahoo.com> wrote:

One of my problems with bottom posting is that I can't for the life of me
> figure out how to do bullet points in my Yahoo mail. I know I could spend
> the time to learn or change email clients, but is it more important than
> any of these issues:

Yahoo Mail webmail top posts signature and quoted text*. You can disable
both, or use a proper mail client for your Yahoo Mail, or use a different
webmail account.

*) I have sent feedback to Yahoo years ago about this, but they don't care.

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