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Tue Mar 27 16:56:53 UTC 2012

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your nice words, I appreciate that :)

it gives me personally satisfaction and reason to keep doing what I do. So
> a well meant thank you!
Same here :D

Thanks for voting :)

I can explain more for sure so everyone will understand even better. I will
try to explain the feature of each page, etc and what the difference
between each :) < is the Official
Page on Facebook - You need to Like the Page if you want to post, etc. < is the official Group
on Facebook - You need to join so that you can post and one of the admins
of the group must approve the request first. With Pages, you don't have to
approve that. << this is the
official page on Google+

The above 3 channels are the official communication channels on Facebook
and Google+ for Lubuntu. I do have control over the Group but NEVER for the
page :( and I'm waiting this issue to be resolved soon. I also have access
to the Google+ Page because it was me who made it.

There is also a Twitter Page (!/lubuntudesktop) and I
didn't know that until few days back. I don't have access to that page and
as per Mario:

Actually the twitter was configured in the way, that we can post to twitter
> from
> So, whoever has access to can post to the
> lubuntu-twitter. This means everyone can use his/her own password and
> there would not be a potential problem if one password or account gets
> compromised.

I personally don't have any account on Twitter and I don't even use it. I'd
say let's focus on Facebook because it has more users than other Social

*Some comparison between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups:*

1- With Pages, you can post some Updates/News and People Start to Comment
if they like and if they don't, they will see your posts and be informed
and be up to date. Anyone who Liked the page will see that.
With Groups, it's more like a chatting and discussion place. Someone starts
a discussion and the ball keep rolling.

2- With Pages, if you need to find an old post say 6 months ago, you need
to keep looking for it. With Group, even if your post is 6 months old, once
you post a comment on that post, it jumps and be on the top as the first
post. Same like Forum, the first thread on the top is the thread that has
the most recent post.
However, facebook is changing their layout again and pages will go timeline
so I think finding an old post is not going to be so hard but still old
posts stay behind.

3- With Pages, you can prevent users to post on your wall and they can just
comment on your post. With Groups, no point to do this because it's a
discussion place.

I hope that is clear enough for everyone :)

Please, if something is not clear, I'll be more than glad to re-explain
again :)

On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 2:33 AM, Chris <cyber.druif at> wrote:

> First of all; it's great for me as a team member to see all these
> enthusiastic responses! Thanks!
> I can't speak for the rest but it gives me personally satisfaction and
> reason to keep doing what I do. So a well meant thank you!
> Back on subject thou: +1 but with the added note that it's confusing to me
> what all the different facebook pages/groups are for. I don't need a
> official team group on facebook; for contacting the team I've already got
> two ways (this mailing-list and IRC).
> So if you could provide us/me with clear information about the different
> facebook things that would be awesome.
> With metta(!), Chris
> On Mar 26, 2012 9:33 PM, "Daniel Brady" <darthbradysmail at> wrote:
>> + 1
>> I'm not a programmer, and I'm not a developer, but I love learning Linux,
>> and I love learning Lubuntu (and I like to write) if there is any way I can
>> contribute to aiding or drawing in new users with this project, let me
>> know: glad to contribute.
>> ----------------------
>> darthbradysmail at
>> On Mar 26, 2012, at 8:08 AM, "Ali Linx (amjjawad)" <amjjawad at>
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As you can read on the info/about section and also on the forwarded email
>> dated 3 months ago, this project or page is to promote and advertise about
>> Lubuntu.
>> May I give some history or untold story about this project? when I first
>> thought about something to promote Lubuntu and how we should reach to more
>> users, I decided to contact OMG Ubuntu guys and talk to them. OMG Ubuntu
>> write about Lubuntu every now and then and once, they mentioned Lubuntu One
>> Stop Thread []
>> and it was a surprise to me because I didn't ask them to do that, they did
>> it all by themselves.
>> I did contact them but they didn't get back to me. Right after that, I
>> thought why do I have to contact someone? why not do something similar that
>> is Lubuntu Specific ONLY? why not having our own page, group, whatever to
>> publish Tips and News about Lubuntu? here came the idea of WOW Lubuntu.
>> Didn't want to use the same "OMG" so I didn't honestly find better than
>> "WOW".
>> I'm the one who created it but I no longer want to be the ONLY ONE behind
>> it. This project should be maintained and be under one of Lubuntu
>> Communication Team's Tasks.
>> It is NOT hard, it is very simple. What we need to do is: Publish
>> whatever new and whatever is going on which is suitable to publish and
>> helpful/useful for users to learn and know about. It's not a rocket since,
>> it's marketing/communication easy task.
>> I don't mind to do that myself but my point us, ALL of us must help each
>> other and work as a team. This is why I'm sending this Email because I HATE
>> TO WORK ALONE, I want to work with a TEAM.
>> So, whoever support this project, please reply with *+1*
>> If you don't, reply with *-1*
>> If you are confused and don't really know what to say, reply with *0*
>> As always, thank you for your time!
>> P.S.
>> I wasn't ignoring or forgetting about it just in case you see no
>> activities on that page but I had lots of issues (Real Life) that kept me
>> away from it, that is all :)
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>> Subject: WOW Lubuntu!
>> To: lubuntu-desktop <lubuntu-desktop at>,
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>> Hello Everyone,
>> amjjawad is back to action yet again :)
>> I'd like to start my activities with the new Lubuntu Sub Teams by
>> creating a new project called "WOW Lubuntu". This project has one main
>> target and aim: reach to as many users as possible.
>> I for one think that every user who has come across Lubuntu needs to
>> return the favor to such great system and to do that, he/she can simply
>> JUST TALK about Lubuntu and SHARE his/her experience/story with someone
>> else.
>> I believe this is the right time for such move and I think the more we
>> talk and do for Lubuntu, the more support we shall get.
>> Lubuntu really deserves that, thus this simple and humble project is a
>> little pay-back for the great and amazing system (Lubuntu).
>> Thank you!
>> --
>> Best Regards,
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