Autologin feature enabled 12.04

Chris cyber.druif at
Mon Mar 26 15:17:41 UTC 2012

If you could come to IRC that would be awesome, makes things go faster.
Like does it ask for login credentials when booting up or when you come
back after the screensaver kicked in? The second issue can be "easily"
fixed by not locking the screen after the screensaver kicks in. Maybe it's
worth investigating what Linux Mint had done to get it working properly and
send out bug-fixes to the earlier releases. But first we need to triage
this properly.
Again, it would be very awesome if you could join IRC to discuss this and
get this sorted.

With metta, Chris

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 16:16, Horatio Karijoredjo <hosoka at>wrote:

>  Hello Chris and everyone on this list,
> Thanks for your feedback.
> Currently I am using the Lubuntu 10.10 version. The reason I am using this
> is due to RAM which is using a very low profile consisting of only 196MB :-(
> I have used the Display Manager of GDM as long as I can remember due to
> the autologin feature in LXDM did not work for me. Also looking at your
> WIKI page as copied in here:
> did
> not work for me at all. I have corresponded with the creator of the LXDM
> version and also refer to this option. Googled on this topic and noticed
> that not very everyone it was simple to have this workaround and most of
> them switched to either GDM or another distro display manager. What
> surprised me that LinuxMint was able to support this on their LXDE version.
> The error was simply that everytime when follow up the guide it constantly
> asking for my login credentials and password.
> The LightDM version also gives problem on the Lubuntu for autologin
> feature. But strange is that it does work on Ubuntu which I've tried
> already.
> Hopefully this info helps out what is needed. If needed I can jump into
> IRC to discuss this further and help out.
> Regards, Horatio
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> Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2012 01:55:32 +0200
> Subject: Re: Autologin feature enabled 12.04
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> To: hosoka at
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> Aloha Horatio,
> Excuse us for the (very) late response. It's not out habit to linger with
> our reply for this long (usually within hours are the first replies). But
> to get back on your question: the new login manager (better put Display
> Manager) in Precise is called LightDM, which also has the capability to
> auto login. However the documentation on that seems to be very lacking and
> in our latest IRC meeting we've come to the conclusion that we'll have to
> step in "upstream" and get that sorted.
> Once the documentation on LightDM is adequate I'll inform the mailing-list
> and request that people will read it andinform the wiki-team of what
> features aren't documented so that can be addressed.
> If you are talking about the "old" display manager LXDM, then please
> inform us what kind of errors you are getting when using the old
> instructions so we might update the documentation for it to work again.
> Sorry for the long email but I hope it clarifies things.
> With metta, Chris
> On Mar 19, 2012 6:24 PM, "Horatio Karijoredjo" <hosoka at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a request to the developers of Lubuntu for the upcoming release if
> not too late.
> Would it be possible to have this function in the upcoming release. This
> is already in Ubuntu and like to continue seeing this as an option as well
> in Lubuntu. The wiki how to setup this function does not work for
> everybody. A simple interface to activate or deactivate would be nice.
> regards, Horatio
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