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My 2¢

> As you can read on the info/about section and also on the forwarded email
> dated 3 months ago, this project or page is to promote and advertise about
> Lubuntu.
> May I give some history or untold story about this project? when I first
> thought about something to promote Lubuntu and how we should reach to more
> users, I decided to contact OMG Ubuntu guys and talk to them. OMG Ubuntu
> write about Lubuntu every now and then and once, they mentioned Lubuntu One
> Stop Thread []
> and it was a surprise to me because I didn't ask them to do that, they did
> it all by themselves.*

We love Lubuntu! :) I'm currently filming a video/prepping a post on
Lubuntu PPC (and how freaking awesome it is!), and a few other things in
* *

> * I did contact them but they didn't get back to me. Right after that, I
> thought why do I have to contact someone? *

I wouldn't advise excluding/not working with other media outlets (not just
OMG! Ubuntu!) to help expand the reach of Lubuntu - after all the more
people who learn about Lubuntu the more people who will benefit from it,

*why not do something similar that is Lubuntu Specific ONLY? why not having
> our own page, group, whatever to publish Tips and News about Lubuntu? here
> came the idea of WOW Lubuntu. Didn't want to use the same "OMG" so I didn't
> honestly find better than "WOW".*
*I'm the one who created it but I no longer want to be the ONLY ONE behind
> it. This project should be maintained and be under one of Lubuntu
> Communication Team's Tasks. *

I do love the idea of a Lubuntu-user themed blog though. It's something
that I, as a Lubuntu user, would certainly subscribe to :)

Fwiw, OMG! was lucky enough to play home to a dedicated Debian column for a
short while, manned by Debian gurus Raphael Hertzog & Adnan Hodzic.
 Perhaps once Lubuntu! finds it's feet, we could work together to do
something similar; maybe publish a weekly Lubuntu-news roundup on OMG!
Ubuntu! with links back to WOW! Luuntu! etc?

*Joey-Elijah Sneddon* //
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