Lubuntu 12.04 beta 1: "USB detach bug"

Pedro L. Lucas selairi at
Mon Mar 26 08:42:55 UTC 2012

Hello, I'm testing Lubuntu 12.04 beta 1. I have just found a bug: If
you try to detach a USB pendrive, PCManFM will only allow you umount
your pendrive (not detach). If you detach your pendrive, the pendrive
will be switch off. If you unmount your pendrive, it will be unmount
but not switch off.

I have tested with pendrives and usb hard drives.

I have written a simple Gtk2 + python script to detach devices. The
script shows a simple window with all USB devices plugged. Then you
can detach it.

You can download this script from:

Would it be possible include it in Lubuntu? What must I do?

Thanks, and sorry for my broken English

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