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Sat Mar 24 09:17:19 UTC 2012

On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 7:57 AM, Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden at fastmail.fm>wrote:

> On 03/24/2012 12:17 AM, Karl Anliot wrote:
> > I checked my 12.04 Lubuntu machines.  2 had apt-xapian-index installed, 2
> > didn't.
> >
> > Does this verify that there is a problem?
> No, not really :)  If I remember rightly, this issue "returned" and then
> was fixed again, during 12.04 development, I think.  Were the machines
> that had it installed upgrades from older Lubuntu versions where it was
> included by default?  Or just fresh 12.04 installs done earlier in the
> 12.04 development cycle?
> If you can do a fresh test install of Lubuntu 12.04, from Beta-1 or
> current daily ISOs, and find a way to get apt-xapian-index installed as
> part of the default install, *that* would verify there is a problem.
> > Let me say that if the workaround requires more than an hour
> > searching google... it's not a workaround.
> Nothing worthwhile requires more than an hour searching Google. IMO.
> It seems to me this workaround required exactly one email to this list
> (to which I replied), and exactly zero hours of Google :)
> We can add my oneliner workaround to the Lubuntu FAQ if you wish.  You
> should talk to the Lubuntu Doc Team folks about that, if you think it
> would help.
> IMO, Google is not and should not be the primary way to seek information
> about Lubuntu issues, or indeed about Linux issues in general.  It tends
> to find old obsolete mostly-incorrect forum and blog posts by novices,
> and similar unhelpful things, instead of authoritative documentation.
> If you spent more than an hour searching Google for a workaround to this
> issue, then I think you need to re-learn how to more appropriately seek
> assistance about Linux issues :)
> > Could we blacklist this package for lubuntu?
> There is no bug in the current 12.04 code or installer that you have
> demonstrated, so far, is there?  See above.  And since this package runs
> fine on machines with more beefy hardware, "blacklisting" it seems
> inappropriate.  We simply need to confirm that it does not get installed
> by default.
> > Where do I file the bug?
> If there really is still a bug causing apt-xapian-index to be installed
> by default in current Lubuntu 12.04 images, then I suggest you could
> file a bug against lubuntu-meta in the usual way, using ubuntu-bug.
> Jonathan
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Everybody, please remember that this mailing list is read by people having
various experience in Lubuntu. It would be a friendly gesture to a beginner
to explain what Xapian and apt-xapian-index are as well as the consequence
of removing them.

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