PCManFM and Removable Devices

Michael Basse ubuntu at alpha-unix.de
Tue Mar 20 23:04:41 UTC 2012

i noticed that also (12.04) but only when it was not possible to umount
the device, then my pcmanfm was closing (i guess crashing).

My MP3-Player is showing the text "data transfer". When i choose the
remove-icon on pcmanfm the text "data transfer" was flashing and pcmanfm
was crashing.

Kind regards


Am 20.03.2012 19:12, schrieb Ali Linx (amjjawad):
> Hi,
> As you may know, by default, when you insert a removable device (USB) to
> your machine, a pop-up window will show up and ask you what you want to do
> exactly? "Removable Medium is inserted" is the pop-up window's title.
> Clicking "OK" will open the content of that media in the file manager
> (PCManFM). I'm sure all of you know that already.
> In Lubuntu 11.10 (1000% sure) and if I'm not mistaken in Lubuntu 12.04 too
> (as per my last time on Lubuntu 12.04 and that was more than a month now),
> when you go to the left side on PCManFM, right click on the Removal Device
> that is showing on the list and choose "Eject Removable Media", once you
> click that, PCManFM will be closed.
> I have checked Lubuntu 11.04 and such weird behavior is not an option. Same
> goes for Linux Mint 11 which is based on Ubuntu 11.04.  Ejecting USB
> Devices will not close the file manager at all.
> Note that, Lubuntu 11.04 and Lubuntu 11.10 both have PCManFM 0.9.9 - just
> to be extra clear :)
> Have anyone else noticed this? do we need to file a bug? or it's already a
> known bug?
> I'm aware of this for months now but forgot to highlight this issue and
> talk about it.
> Thank you!

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